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SBI Funds Transfer (Own Accounts)

Understanding All State Banks  Funds Transfer (Own Accounts) in Internet Banking ?

Its a confusing term in internet banking where most people seem this in SBT / SBI / SBH and all other State Bank Online Websites.

If you want to transfer money to your friend from same branch you can use Third Party Transfer Option.

If you need to transafer money from Your bank to other bank or other Branch of Same bank you will use Interbank Payment Transfer.

Then Why Fund Transfer (Own Accounts) Option ?

You may have joint account or Loan accounts associated with a single savings account.
In case if you want to pay the loan or to drop money to the join holder account , you can simply use this option Fund Transfer.

How to Perform Immediate Transfer between Own Accounts ?.

Click Transfer menu - > Fund Transfer (Own Accounts) .
Fund Transfer option in State Bank Online

Fund Transfer  between Own accounts State Bank.

Service Charge Collected for Fund transfer

The money transfer between Own Account is always free. No Service charges collected.

Advantage of Fund Transfer Menu in State Bank Website 

You can transfer money at any time and no need to add the account to your beneficiary list.

Thats it.

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