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How to change mobile number - ICICI Bank

It is easy that you can change and update the mobile number. Even other state phone number can also be used.

How to update mobile number

If your mobile number is already registered with icici bank you can change the number. When your new baanking account is open up, you may have filled your mobile number in the form.

Check mobile is registered or not

If you are receiving the ICICI Bank notification sms then you are registred.
Alternetively you can chack this by internet banking, logon to

Update the number

Just go to your icici atm aand go to option mobile number change.
Now you are asked to enter the new mobile number twice. After few minutes you will be receiving an sms saying yourr new mobile number was updated.
Sms will not be received in old mobile number.

Thats it.


  1. You are absolutely correct but this helps only in receiving notifications on the new no. For receiving your OTP you still need to update it from the nearest branch.

    1. Ya .

      But alternate way is still you can call icici customer care and verify your personal details like
      Full Name
      Account Number
      and other details asked by them and then they will manually send you the OTP Password.

  2. I want to update my mobile no but I m not in india plz tell me how to do

    1. Two Way syou can Do.

      First is Just Call your Bank branch By Phone and Ask Them to update it. Mostly They will refuse. But Some Officers Verify you asking some informations about account and Help you.

      Method 2: Write a Letter by Pen and affix your Signature Clearly. Send that to your Home, with another letter mentioning the name of the Person who can bring that letter to bank.

      Method 2 Worked for me

  3. i have 3 in 1 account. I receive updates about trading account on my mobile but while using net banking i found out my mobile was not regisered in net banking account.
    OTP generated couldn't be sent due to my mobile and landline number not being registered.
    What should i do now?

    1. I guess you have started using Internet Banking before 3.5 years, when mobile number is not Mandatory for Internet banking.

      If so please update your Mobile number with Bank, so that you can Start using Internet banking for main account and You can get OTP sms for all transaction (If required).

      Landline number is not an issue in your Case.

  4. I want to change my ragisted mobile. Number

  5. I am nijo.i want my use userid nd password .from where i will get it

  6. Can I change my mobile nomber on my nearest icici ATM. It is halpfull. I realy need to change my nomber..