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SBI Aadhaar Card Linking Form Download

State Bank Aadhaar Card Linking form can be downloaded here.

This form is not for Applying new Aadhaar Card, but its to link the existing Aadhaar Card number to your SBI Bank Account.

Open this and Download from the Page it Follows


  1. Aadhaar is a very good scheme from the Indian government especially for the poor people from the country. The scheme has been accepted across the country with open hearts and we should appreciate government’s efforts for such type of schemes. The launch of Aadhaar based Direct Cash Transfer scheme is an addition to benefits of the people as it will reduce the corruption involved up to some extent. The genuine beneficiary will get advantages of the welfare programmes from both the state and the central government.

  2. I totally disagree with you. You just advertizing govt useless efforts. surely you are a useless person or who ever may be.

    If this card is benefits for poor BPL holder, then it should stickup with that limit and shouln't apply to middle or upper rich family. There are PAN card, Passport and now aadhar card.

    If govt could implement one Provident fund number in India, then million of private/public or govt service holder would get benefits.
    Goft totally failed to do so just doing ueless efforts. shameless govt.

    1. You are right dilip.. That guy's comments look like he is supporting stupid peoples.

  3. What is the benefit of this useless card? It just gives some more jobs in government department. It makes hell of nonsense to a citizen of India. If you want to cook your food you need this useless card, if you want to draw money from your account you need this useless card, if you want to apply any other document, you need this card. This only adds additional headache to an individual who is already entangled with govt red tape. This adds one more knot to his freedom of existence in this democratic country. It also gives authorities chances to secretly look into your personal details. which was upto now your own. This is a type of spying into individuals details, like bank balance, vehicle ownership, your transactions,etc. Now there is a verdict from Supreme court to bar the govt from imposing the card for every individual interaction with govt constitution. Supreme court has found its loopholes and how it is going to harm citizens in near future. Remember this is the eye of the spy always moving behind you!!!!???